HS Boys vs Sweetwater https://youtu.be/yRD_f8Aybog
about 15 hours ago, Tasha Hamil
HS Girls vs Sweetwater https://youtu.be/sQI5ktedQVo
about 16 hours ago, Tasha Hamil
PreK- 1st grade students have worked hard to help Turkey come up with a good disguise for Thanksgiving. If you have not had a chance to see all the disguises the students came up with, they are displayed in the windows of the new elementary hallway. Stop by and take a look!
about 23 hours ago, Brittney Gaisford
Turkey Disguise
Turkey Disguise
JH Girls and Boys Basketball vs Vici https://youtu.be/gj1oWLfdKYk
1 day ago, Tasha Hamil
High school canton tournament brackets.
3 days ago, Arnett Public Schools
Girls bracket
boys bracket
Dakota Rumley and Mr. Ford finished the fence in woodworking that will be used in the elementary Christmas program.
4 days ago, Arnett Public Schools
JH Teams vs Cheyenne-Reydon https://youtu.be/_ohb9-TalLs
5 days ago, Tasha Hamil
https://youtu.be/QuniCo5Cym8 Morning Announcements!
5 days ago, Ross Royal
Congrats to Almudena, Ashton, and Sean on being the Farmers and Merchants Bank players of the game last night! HUGE shoutout to Kimberly Booth for our photos for all of these!
14 days ago, Ross Royal
https://youtu.be/vTC_qno6mxQ Join us live for the JH Ellis County Tournament @ Fargo
14 days ago, Ross Royal
HS Boys vs Cheyenne-Reydon https://youtu.be/l0MMw4n-cHg
15 days ago, Tasha Hamil
15 days ago, Ross Royal
Arnett HS Girls vs Cheyenne-Reydon https://youtu.be/AS7SCWbNbZo
15 days ago, Tasha Hamil
https://youtu.be/gT8A7lOlYCc Join us for Homecoming !
15 days ago, Ross Royal
https://youtu.be/eVmKimU5wm8 Join us for morning announcements with our special guest, Mr. Friesen, discussing the upcoming bond
16 days ago, Ross Royal
2022-23 Beta Installation https://youtu.be/0lNk0uPLhmQ
17 days ago, Tasha Hamil
https://youtu.be/IMqBpjPMKt8 Tune in with Dakota and Seth and their guest, Mrs. Coleman of Arnett Robotics!
18 days ago, Ross Royal
https://youtu.be/Z8dYzU9na_8 JH games in Shattuck for Ellis County Tourney.
19 days ago, Ross Royal
https://youtu.be/J7uF_5v-J94 Tune in live with Anna and Aly!
19 days ago, Ross Royal
https://youtu.be/Hkzpmd-IeAE We had a request to stream the JH games in Buffalo today. We are streaming from an iPad, so our ads will not run. Tune in live!
21 days ago, Ross Royal