Wildcat News for week of January 23, 2023

On Monday, January 16, 2023, Arnett teachers had the pleasure of listening to Ted Wiese from Indianapolis.  Ted works with thousands of students every year teaching and enhancing their leadership skills.  Teachers laughed and learned while participating in many team building activities in a highly interactive, humorous and effective manner.  This fun-filled morning energized teachers for the second semester of school!

Then on Tuesday morning, Ted presented his workshop to 4th-12th grade students.  He helped to give students confidence to be a leader, as well as demonstrating the incredible power of teamwork.   Students learned how to use their enthusiasm and positive attitude to impact those around them each and every day.

The Arnett Beta Club hosted a school and community blood drive on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.  The Beta members always handle things so well and are so appreciative of those who are willing to help.  Their goal was 29 donors, and they had 21 sign in to donate.  Thanks so much to all those who were able to donate!

Each month Counselor Allison Kincannon presents a classroom lesson to the elementary students.  This month’s lesson for 4th-6th grade students was the dangers of social media.  She showed students examples of posts that could be dangerous to them and reminded students that anything put on the internet is not private.  Her lessons are always very informative and give students information to help them succeed in everyday life.

Arnett Faculty had a great time listening to speaker Ted Wiese.

Shannon Shoaf, Brittany Gaisford, Nicole Kuper, and Tasha Hamil receiving instructions from Ted Wiese.

Paige Dearing, Nicole Kuper, Jack Long, Allison Kincannon, Robin Coleman, Nicole Bryant, and Katelyn Miller presenting their original rendition of “I Like Big Books”!

Ted Wiese trying to give Audia McIntyre a “Honduras Newt”.

The presentation to 4th-6th graders was geared towards teaching them how to be the solution instead of the problem.  

High school students had an amazing time with Ted Wiese.

Allison Kincannon teaching students to always keep their personal information private.