Newspaper for week of December 19, 2022

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, the Arnett Robocats had a Secondhand Christmas Shop as a combination fundraiser/community service project.  They collected donated clothes and anyone was able to stop by and fill a bag for $5.  They enjoyed being able to help out the community with affordable options as well as donating to those in need.

After many years (maybe 30, can anyone remember?)Arnett is offering band to 7th-8th grade students.  Under the direction of music teacher Nicki Broyles, they have been working hard all year learning to play their instruments.  They have been performing at the home high school basketball games.  They are so fun to listen to, and they improve each and every game.  The elementary students have also learned the school fight song and love to sing along as the band plays.

The Robocats loaded Mrs. Coleman’s van with the leftover clothes from their Secondhand Christmas Shop.  These were donated to the NW Domestic Crisis Center.  Pictured L-R:  Martin Sanchez, Abby Boyd, Trenton Haney, Monty Wilson, Kylie Garcia, Maggi Guaddarama, and Merced Sanchez.

6th grade delivered their Angel Tree gifts to the Arnett Library.  They purchased these gifts with money made from their small business, 6th Grade Coffee Corner.  L-R:  6th grade student, Lauryn Bayless, Lola Coleman, Josh Campbell, Bella Booth, Levi Starkey, Adante Smith.  Not pictured:  Hallie McCartor.

Ashton Suthers, AnnaHope Sant’Anna, and Landry Bayless were named to the Canton Tournament “All Tournament Team”.  

The Arnett Lady Wildcats were Runner Up in the Canton Tournament.  Front row, L-R:  Ashton Suthers, Landree Parsons, Aly Friesen, Sara Wayland, Breclyn Suthers, Brianna Morenco.  Back row, L-R:  Coach Scot Friesen, Landry Bayless, AnnaHope Santannt, Almu Velez, Hadley Brooks, and Kenzie Hamil.  

Music teacher, Nicki Broyles, directing the 7-8th grade pep band during a home basketball game.