Newspaper for week of December 12, 2022

The 5th and 6th grade academic team competed in their District Tournament on November 30, 2022, at the Arnett School.  They started off by defeating Fargo-Gage.  They were then beaten by Vici.  The Arnett team will move on to compete in the Regional Tournament at Vici.  They are coached by Mrs. Wheeler.

The Arnett Robotics team just took a trip to Frisco, Texas for the BEST Texas State Robotics Competition. The Robocats placed first with their robot at the OK BEST competition in November that qualified them for the event. The BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science & Technology) program was created to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics through robotics design. 72 teams from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas gathered outside Dallas to compete head to head with robots designed to control another field robot that placed items into order boxes for shipping. The Robocats didn’t make it to the semi-finals, but everyone learned a lot. We saw how other teams built their robots and got ideas for the future. Kylie Garcia was amazed. She stated, “Mrs. Coleman, some of these robots look like they were bought on Amazon.” The competition was tough, but we had fun, made some important contacts and can’t wait to learn what next year's competition will bring. It was amazing to see everyone show good sportsmanship for their competitors. 

Here are the favorite moments from our team members that made the trip…

Kylie Garcia- ”Taking pictures with all the mascots”

Maggie Guadarrama- “Doing the Wave”

Alyssa Smith- “Driving for the first time, even though I was embarrassed”

Taylor O’neal- “Learning and experiencing new things while supporting our team”

Zanston Clark- “Watching our score increase each round”

Abbie Boyd- “Getting to be on the field for almost every round, whether driving or spotting”

Dayson West- “The cheerleaders”

Martin Sanchez- “Getting to be in the pit, drive on the field and the mascot dance off”

Braydon Miller- “Getting to drive the robot on the field”

Merced Sanchez- “Competing and getting to see how different all the robots were”

The Arnett Robotics team would like to thank our sponsors and all who donated time and money to make this program possible.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022,  we hosted our 2nd Night in the Library. Students and families came up and attended a literary battle of books for the Redbud Read-Aloud Contest. The Arnett Speech Team read each of the 16 books, giving their own personal flair to each of the stories. Some dressed in character, had props and did some decorating, others took the more traditional approach, and some had some amazing voices to go with their characters. The 2 books were read head to head in their own room. The crowd would listen to the two stories and then pick their favorites for each room. The bracket will continue after Christmas break, reading the stories until we only have 1 book left. Then Arnett votes for that book and we will see what the rest of the state picks and the Redbud Book of the year. 

Friday, December 9, 2022, it was a Who-bilation at Arnett Schools when the Grinch visited.  He visited the elementary school causing chaos and fun in all the classrooms.  Then he took pictures with the students in the library which had been transformed into Whoville.

Back row:  L-R:  Kylie Garcia, Martin Sanchez, Braydon Miller, Merced Sanchez, Abby Boyd, Maggi Guadarrama, Mrs. Coleman;  Front row:  L-R:  Dayson West, Alyssa Smith, Zanston Clark, Taylor O’Neal

5th and 6th Academic Team:  L-R - Jozie Latta, Lola Coleman, Lauryn Bayless, Carlie Dowler, Josh Campbell, Sabe Williams.

Dylan Morrissette getting in on the fun of Who-bilation by dressing as a Whoville resident.

Fabulous 4th grader, Landon Stanley, with the Grinch and his therapy dog Max, aka Stella.

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, sometimes known as Ross Royal and Nicole Kuper, had so much fun celebrating Who-bilation!