Newspaper for week of December 5, 2022

Scott Vincent is the Grand Marshall of the Masonic Lodge this year.  Each year the Grand Marshal is given money to donate to their community.  Mr. Vincent kindly donated $12,000 to the high school science classroom.  They will be remodeling the science lab this summer.  Thank you so much Masonic Lodge and Scott Vincent!

Last week our amazing librarian, Tasha Hamil, along with the vision and help from our fantastic 5th grade teacher, Melia Wheeler, transformed the library into a 1600s colonial ship, bringing people and goods to the New World.  5th graders were immersed in their book, Blood on the River, The Story of Jamestown 1607.  Then Mrs. Hamil along with her “matey” Mrs. Shoaf treated all the elementary classes to a pirate story inside the ship!  Many people donated items to make this happen as well as help get it set up.  Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

The 6th grade math class is full steam ahead with their “Coffee Corner”.  They are learning so much about running a business by taking orders and delivering coffee to school staff members each morning.  They keep track of their income and expenses and have to make change along with many other math exercises that are giving them real world experience.

Don’t forget that you can follow many school activities on the new A-Town live streaming network.  Thanks again to local advertisers for making this possible.  Subscribe today so you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Dakota Rumley and Mr. Ford finished this fence in woodworking that will be used in the Elementary Christmas Program later this month.

Science teacher, Elizabeth Dowler, and some of her students receiving a check from Mr. Scott Vincent of the Masonic Lodge.

The Teacher of the Month for November is Pre-K Teacher, Miss Nicole Kuper.  Students of the month are (L-R):  Peyton Ham, Pre-K; Raylie Latta, 4th grade; Dylan Watson, 2nd grade; Kade Gaisford, 1st grade; Daniel Broyles, Kindergarten; and Crew Watson, 4th grade.  Congratulations!

The Arnett Jr. High girls were consolation champions in the Ellis County Tournament.

5th grader Jozie Latta journaling about their adventure from the perspective of their main character, Samuel Collier.

5th graders about their “pirate ship”.

The brave pirates, Mrs. Hamil and Mrs. Shoaf, aboard their pirate ship.

October students and teacher of the month with Kiwanis President Blake Suthers.