Judging Team

This week we had many activities taking place at school! Mr. Hamil headed out Monday morning to the Tulsa State Fair and on Thursday students joined for livestock judging. 

Front Row: Josh Campbell, Madison Haney, and Jozie Latta

Back Row: Hadley Brooks, Makenzi Hamil, John Campbell, Makale Hamil, Eli Coykendall

On Tuesday Arnett Library hosted their first Library Family Night. This was an opportunity for the Library to show Arnett children and parents our new display on loan from the Science Museum of Oklahoma. The evening was filled with fun activities for the children and a lot of information all about Oklahoma. The community members that attended were able to create fossils with their children using play-doh, dinosaurs, and plaster. Mrs. Hamil read a story to the students about a rock that couldn’t roll. The kids in attendance then got a chance to see the displays and learn about earthquakes, rock formations, and tectonic plates along with all kinds of other information! It was a wonderful event that was put on by Mrs. Ham and Mrs. Hamil. There has been some great learning opportunities for our students with this amazing display so stay tuned for more information coming soon! 

Students and their siblings gathered around to listen to Mrs. Hamil’s story. 

Students and siblings learning about earthquakes.

Mrs. Ham showing students how to make rock impressions.

On Tuesday Mrs. Dowler took 8th-12th grade female students to the Women in Science Conference. More than 1,500 students and 150 teachers (grades 6-12) from over 60 schools across Oklahoma attended. Arnett High School had 21 high students attend. The hands-on conference is designed to get girls in grades 6-12 excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); it also shows students that STEM careers are exciting, attainable, and rewarding through immersive activities and interactive sessions. This is an event the science students look forward to each year. 

This Wednesday Mrs. Landers, Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Ham, and Mrs. Dowler took 4th-8th grade students to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum in Oklahoma City for the Wild Weather Camp with David Payne. The students learned about different types of weather, the causes for each type of weather, and safety tips in different situations. 

Last Thursday the August students of the month visited the Kiwanis Club.

Front Row: Cole Ross and Leonela Martinez

Back Row: Nikki Clark, Lola Coleman, Norah Bryant, and Teacher of the Month Alysha Ham with Arnett Kiwanis President Donna Folks.

This year we are beginning a new club for students, Academic Team. We are so excited to have numerous teams competing this year! This coming week, Monday the 10th, the High School team will travel to Beaver to compete in their District Tournament. Regionals will take place in November. These students are excited to compete and we cannot wait to see the success and learning that will take place!


Front Row: Jentri Eastep, Trenten Haney, Ryan Elder, and Zanston Clark

Back Row: Abbie Boyd, Seth Vallaster, Anna Hope Sant’Anna, Jenna Thomas 

Not Pictured: Makale Hamil