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The first full week of school was jam packed with fun lessons, hands-on learning, baseball & softball games, service projects, fundraisers, and more. The school year is definitely in full swing!

Mrs. Ham’s 4th, 5th, and 6th grade science classes participated in a water slide STEM challenge. Each group had limited materials and had to build a water slide that had certain stipulations. The slides had to be 12 inches tall, have one or more curves in their water slide, safely get their passenger down the slide, not collapse, and had to have a way to collect and recycle the water. Each group collaborated well and came up with fun designs. 

Mrs. Burcham’s 7th/8th grade Reading class had a “Book Tasting” where the students got to "taste test" 3 different books while enjoying hors d'oeuvres. The class was presented a “menu” and an appetizer of books. After reading for a few minutes while accompanied by instrumental background music, the students wrote down what they thought about each book, what the author did to interest them at the beginning, would they read the book, and what they rated the book. Then the students shared their thoughts and feelings about their top rated book. The class agreed upon a novel that satisfied their taste buds the most to begin reading this nine weeks.

Mrs. Hamil invited classes to the library to reintroduce them to how the library is arranged. Classes got into groups and played a regular game of Jenga; however, a handful of the blocks had letters or numbers correlating to the bookshelves which housed a trivia question about a particular book that they had to find. Students really enjoyed the library orientation game. 

The Arnett Beta Club hosted a Blood Drive this past Wednesday. Beta members volunteered at the sign-in table while teachers, high school students, and community members donated blood. 33 people signed in with 32 being able to donate, which surpassed the blood drive’s goal of 30 donations.

Arnett FFA President, Emma Knowles was accepted into the 2022 National FFA Chorus as a Soprano 2. She will participate during the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis at the end of October. 

New Teacher Spotlight: Cortney New is a 2012 Arnett graduate and is the new Special Education Director for Arnett Public Schools. She has a 4 year old daughter, Piper, who is in Pre-K. Cortney has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a certification in Special Education, and she will be attending college for her Master's in Special Education as well. Ms. New feels working in special education is extremely rewarding. She says there is no better feeling than helping students reach their full potential and to watch them learn something in a way that makes sense to them. Cortney also feels that not only does she help teach them something, but they also teach her creativity, patience, their interests, and how to love the unique aspects of life. An interesting fact about Cortney is that she reads at least one book a week and has a pretty impressive ability to remember song lyrics. 

Oklahoma State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister stopped by Arnett Schools this past week. 

4th grade students participated in a water slide STEM challenge. 

The 7th & 8th grade reading rotation enjoyed a “Book Tasting” to pick out their class novel for the 9 weeks. 

Classes participated in a library orientation game to become familiarized with the arrangement of books. 

Jr. Beta members worked the sign in table at the Blood drive. 

Cortney New is the Special Education Director at Arnett. Her daughter Piper is in Pre-K.