Mrs. Wheeler, Innovative teacher

This week's Innovative Teacher for News Channel 9 is Melia Wheeler.
She buys tech apps so her kids can create podcasts, green screen videos, WeVideo for stop-motion video with Legos and countless other apps.
For a persuasive writing lesson, she enlisted other teachers and administrators to dress as characters from a fairy tale and her class put them on trial, with each student representing a side and pleading their case with written argument statements.
We are very proud of Mrs. Wheeler and all she does for her students and our school! Way to go! Such a deserving teacher! 

Last Thursday Arnett students took a trip to SWOSU to participate in the Southwestern Interscholastic Meet (SWIM). Participants included Guilherme Carvalho, Seth Vallaster, Dakota Rumley, Brook Clark, and Skyler Range. The students enjoyed the day!
Congratulations to Brook Clark who placed 3rd in Biology II and Guilherme Carvalho who placed 2nd in General Business!

The First Grade has learned about how the Earth rotates around the sun. Friday afternoon they used the beautiful weather to experiment with their shadows and how they change throughout the day! They traced their shadows at 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM and at 2:30 PM. Mrs. Gaisford and the first grade had a blast and the rest of the elementary have enjoyed seeing their outlines.

The 4th grade science class has been learning about the internal and external structures and functions of plants and animals. They made their own model insects and exoskeletons in the lab last week!

First Grade

Jozi Latta shows off her 4th grade science lab creation.

Guilherme Carvalho, Seth Vallaster, Dakota Rumley, Brook Clark, and Skyler Range