January Sonic Students of the Month
Starting off the beginning of February, we celebrated our Sonic Students of the Month for January. Kaysen Ketterman (Pre-K), Tiegan Dearing (K), Dylan Watson (1st), Alexis Gaisford (3rd), Katey Born (4th), and Toy Stewart (6th) worked hard all month to earn this title. These students were recognized for showing kindness and always being willing to lend a helping hand. 
Congratulations to these outstanding students!
Mrs. Bryant was recognized as the teacher of the month! This is her first full official year at Arnett Public Schools. She teaches 3rd grade and has been a great addition to the elementary teaching team! Mrs. Bryant is always looking for fun, new, and creative ways to bring her lessons to class! Congratulations, Mrs. Bryant. 

Mrs. Bryant's 3rd grade class has been working hard on their cursive writing. They just finished learning the cursive alphabet. Many schools are opting out of teaching their students cursive, but we believe it's important for kids to learn because it helps improve their penmanship. Also, if our students cannot write it, they probably cannot read it. 

Mrs. Ham's 4th grade science class has been working hard learning about the history of Earth. They have been studying the different rock layers and where fossils are found. The 4th graders are super excited to be making their own fossils this week. 

In 5th grade science, Mrs. Ham's students have been studying our solar system. We just finished learning about each planet and will be building our own solar systems this week. 

Congrats to our Lady Wildcats for winning the 270 Conference Championship last Saturday in Mooreland. They defeated Fargo-Fort Supply to take the title. Several of our student athletes made the all-conference team. Bruno Sant'Anna, Anna  Sant'Anna, Landry Bayless, Ashton Suthers, and Brooklyn Bayless were all recognized for their hard work. Brooklyn also was named MVP! 

Our ag students have been working hard to prepare for the Ellis County Livestock show. The show was Monday, February 7th, and the sale will be Tuesday evening, February 8th. 

Monday, the staff of Arnett public schools had inservice to help teach our staff more about dyslexia, autism, and anxiety. Dia McGowen did a fantastic presentation!

Valentine's Day cookie and balloon orders are due Friday, February 11th to Miss Holloway! They will be delivered on Monday, February 14th. 

image3 (4).jpeg

4th graders, Leilani McDaniels, Sabe Williams, and Chloe Wheeler demonstrating the different rock layers and fossils during science.
image2 (4).jpeg
From left to right starting on the back row - Mrs. Bryant, Toy Stewart, Katey Born, Alexis Gaisford             Front row - Tiegan Dearing, Dylan Watson, & Kaysen Ketterman
image1 (3).jpeg
Congrats Lady WIldcats! 270 Conference champs

image0 (4).jpeg

270 Conference All-Tournament Team recipients - Bruno Sant'Anna, Anna Sant'Anna, Brooklyn Bayless, Landry Bayless, and Ashton Suthers. 

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, Feb. 8th - HS Baseball @ Erick
Thurs.-Sat.Feb. 10-12th - HS Districts Tournament @ Arnett
Friday, Feb. 11th - Sonic Night Fundraiser  
                            Cookie & Balloon orders due to Miss Hollway
Saturday, Feb. 12th - Weatherford speech tournament
Monday, Feb. 14th - Valentines balloon & cookie deliveries
                               Local Stock Show
Tuesday, Feb. 15th - Pre ACT