Newspaper for 12-9-21

On Monday, November 22, 2021, Ms. Landers took her 4th grade class to the Arnett City Hall and Ellis County Courthouse to learn more about the differences in local and county government.  Arnett Mayor, Lance Stevens, and the city clerks explained the various duties of a city government such as taking care of the park, cemetery, and city streets.  They then went to the Ellis County Courthouse and visited each office.  They were able to meet most of the county officers and were given an explanation of the duties of each office.  One of their favorite things was getting to explore the old jail.  This was a great learning experience, and they are so thankful to all the city and county officials who took time out of their day to show them around.

November Teacher of the Month was Ms. Jamie Landers.  Ms. Landers teaches 4th grade as well as 4th, 5th & 6th-grade math.  She is admired by her colleagues for her dedication to the profession and appreciated by her students for her devotion to making sure they learn.  Ms. Landers's energetic lessons and her high expectations for all students are just two reasons she is a favorite at Arnett Elementary!

Arnett 8th-12th grade students visited the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus on December 2nd. The students were able to listen to SWOSU admissions counselors speak about attending college and SWOSU. They were able to tour campus as well as dorm rooms. After that the students were able to listen to the head of the Engineering Department speak about the opportunities available through that program. They were able to see the labs and some projects that are being worked on by students in the program. They were able to learn about SWOSU's new eSports program and see the brand new arena where they compete. The students finished the tour by having lunch in SWOSU's cafeteria.

Associate District Judge Laurie Hays lets the 4th graders stand behind the judge’s chair.

4th graders got lots of interesting, historical facts about Ellis County from Election Board Secretary Trenna Whitson.

It was very interesting to learn how the 911 system worked when 4th graders visited Ellis County Sheriff Shane Booth.

Congratulations to November Elementary Students and Teacher of the Month: L-R, Jasmine Smith, Oden Shepard, Piper Born, Addie Kincannon, Cash Welty, and Kinley Tolle.  Back row - Ms. Landers. 

Arnett 8-12th graders visit Southwestern Oklahoma State University.