Wildcat News for 1-25-24

This week's Farmer's and Merchant's Bank "Banking on a Wildcat" goes to Levi Cutsinger. Levi has been voted on by the teacher's and they mentioned that he is very respectful, kind to others, and has an amazing work ethic. He received a $3.00 Beta Bites gift certificate. Our kids love their BETA Bites! Congratulations, Levi!

The Academic Teams recently competed in the District Quiz Bowl.  The 6th-7th grade team is made up of Levi Cutsinger, Josh Campbell, Lola Coleman, Sabe Williams, Derrick Girton, and Jozie Latta.  They finished 1st out of 3 teams and will compete in the Regional Quiz Bowl in Kremlin-Hillsdale on Saturday, February 3, 2024.  The 8th-9th grade team consists of Randy Burton, Troy Burton, Katie Girton, John Campbell, Eli Coykendall, and Lincoln Coleman.  They finished 3rd out of 4 teams and will attend their Regional Quiz Bowl on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at Fort Supply.  Good luck to both teams!

The County Spelling Bee was held Wednesday, January 17, 2024, with 3-8th grade students from across the county participating.  Arnett had 6 students participating and 8th grader Josie Sibley finished 3rd in the Sr. Bee.  The overall winner was Emerson Burgtorf of Shattuck.

Sr. Bee winners:  L-R:  Josie Sibley of Arnett 3rd; Mason Stuart of Shattuck placed 1st; and Lee Kuhlman of Shattuck, 2nd.

The Arnett Beta Club has been busy!  On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, they hosted a blood drive at the Arnett Gym.  They are also getting ready for the annual Valentine’s fundraiser where they sell cookies and balloons.  This is their main fundraiser each year and it takes lots of work!  You may order these through any Beta Club member or contact the sponsor, Jena Burcham.  The pull tab challenge is back again this year with all proceeds going to support Baker McDonald.  Baker is the 2 year old nephew of Mr. Kaleb McDonald, Arnett Tech Ed Teacher.  The class that provides the highest weight in pull tabs will be awarded with Beta Bites.

The Elks Hoop Shoot began in 1946. It consisted of 5 levels ending with a State winner. In 1972 it was decided that a national competition needed to be added to the contest. The levels are the School contest, Lodge contest, District contest, Region contest, State contest, and then Nationals. This year Nationals will be held on April 20th in Chicago, home of the Elks.

During the contest, each child shoots 25 free throws. Whoever makes the most is declared the winner. First place of each division continues on to the next level.

The Elks wanted to create a contest anyone could participate in. Something someone needed grit to win, not just a competition for the biggest and strongest guy, talent, intelligence, or good looks. Grit is the will to persevere in the face of long odds. This characteristic, that researchers and experts have concluded, is so important for our children, and the Hoop Shoot program helps to develop it and reinforce it. Participants in the Hoop Shoot develop grit by setting goals, working hard to achieve them, failing and bouncing back to try again and work even harder the next year.

Wednesday, January 17th, was the local annual Elks Lodge Hoop Shoot. Six of our Arnett students had the opportunity to go to Woodward and compete in the local round. The winners from the Arnett groups were:

8-9 years old

Rhett McCartor

Kyler Johnson

10-11 years old

Crew Watson

Raylie Latta

12-13 years old

Landon McCartor

Lauryn Bayless

Crew Watson and Lauryn Bayless both won 1st in each of their divisions. Lauryn made 24 out of 25 shots, and Crew made 18 out of 25 shots. Raylie Latta (11/25), Kyler Johnson (14/25), and Rhett McCartor (11/25) all ended up earning 2nd place in their division. Crew and Lauryn will both be moving on to the next round, which is the District Hoop Shoot. It will be held in Kingfisher, this Saturday, January 20, 2024.

3rd graders Kyler Johnson and Rhett McCartor both placed 2nd in their division.

Raylie Latta placed 2nd and Crew Watson placed 1st in their division.  Both are 5th graders.

7th grader Lauryn Bayless won her division.