Wildcat News for December 28, 2023

The first week of December the teachers dressed up each day for a “Super Secret Dress Up Week”.  Teachers dressed in a different theme each day to see if students would notice.  Some students did question this each day but for the most part very few of them realized what was going on until the big reveal on Friday.  It was such a fun week that kept students guessing, and the teachers all had a great time trying to keep it a secret.

Monday everyone dressed in all black.  L-R: Mrs. McCraken,  Mr. Shoaf, and Mr. Tune.

Mrs. Miller and Miss Kuper with their “teacher shirts” on Tuesday.

Mrs. Guadarrama, Mrs. Gaisford, and Mrs. Bryant on Wednesday in their stripes, animal print, or polka dot attire.

Teachers loved Thursday as they wore their favorite athletic apparel.  L-R:  Ms. Landers, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Ham.

“Over the Top Day” on Friday had teachers dressed up and students finally figured it out!  L-R:  Mrs. Burcham, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Broyles, Mrs. Shoaf, Mrs. Gaisford, Mrs. Stevens, and Mrs. Kincannon.

The “Banking on a Wildcat” student for the week of December 11, 2023, was Madison Haney.  “Madison works harder than most students.  Her homework is never late.  She is a team player and helps out whenever she is asked.  She always has a smile on her face and rarely has anything but a kind word to say about people.”  Congratulations to Madison.

Clash of the Classes and Homecoming:  Friday, December 15, 2023

The High School Cheerleaders at the Clash of the Classes.  L-R:  Bristen Robertson, Madison Haney, Alyssa Smith, Haley Gutierrez, Kylie Garcia,  Alexis Sanchez, and  Maggi Guadarama.

Each class was represented for the “Fashion Show” which was board game themed.  L-R:  Zanston Clark, Sean Sanchez, Randy Burton, Ryan Elder, Josh Campbell, and Josie Sibley.

Freshman Nicolas Sant’Anna and Hadley Brooks won the 3-point contest.

The Sr. Class won the tug-of-war competition.  Lathen West, Talera Brown, Merced Sanchez, Canon Hardin, and Alyssa Smith.

Homecoming winners were, L-R, King and Queen, Merced Sanchez and Brianna Marenco; Prince and Princess, Braydon Miller and Allie Tune; Lord and Lady, Charity Albert and Bayne Strick; and Mr. and Miss Wildcat, Norah Bryant and Rhett McCartor.

The mini cheerleaders performed at halftime of the Homecoming games.  Front:  Emma Scott and Payton Ham.