Wildcat Corner

This week, we let the kids vote on a staff member for our Farmers and Merchants Bank "Banking on a Wildcat". Mrs. Paige Dearing was their vote and they had this to say about her: "She always supports all of the students' ideas, always has fun, and is never in a bad mood. She is very sweet and is always there for them when they need her." Lot's of students mentioned that she truly is a great asset to the wildcat family. Congratulations, Paige! 

The Science Museum came and performed STEM Live for the entire student body on Monday. They had multiple demonstrations that were engaging and fun for everybody! 

Tuesday was the Senior Beta induction. Justice West Weaver was the guest speaker and she gave a phenomenal talk about 5 things she has learned from her 2nd graders and how that can be applied to our daily lives.  The 12 inductees this year were: Cadie McCracken, Harley Shoaf, Zanston Clark, Allie Tune, Hadley Brooks, John Campbell, Lincoln Coleman, Eli Coykendall, Katie Girton, Madison Haney, Bristen Robertson, and Nicolas Sant’Anna. 

Tuesday was also the Wildcat Running Club’s Fun Run and 5k. Students and staff both competed. Classes had assigned positions along the route to help guide the runners on where to go next. Excited students waiting with congratulations at the finish line.

The students and staff also gathered for a Pep Rally for the first home game of the high school basketball season. We tested the players' knowledge on how to sweep a potato down the court, as well as their free throw shooting skills with one fun game. The Lady Wildcats defeated the Canute Trojanettes 56 to 43. The Wildcats played hard but lost to the Canute Trojans 56 to 73. 

Students gathering around for STEM Live!

This was an awesome demonstration and the students loved it!

The 2023-2024 Arnett Sr. Beta Inductees

Top Row: Eli Coykendall, Nicolas Sant’Anna, Lincoln Coleman, Zanston Clark, and John Campbell

Bottom Row: Cadie McCracken, Harley Shoaf, Allie Tune, Hadley Brooks, Katie Girton, Bristen Robertson, and Madison Haney.

Younger students kicked off the Fun Run

The 1st Grade class showed the runners which way to go for the Fun Run/5k.

Cheerleaders Bristen Robertson, Haley Gutierrez, Kylie Garcia, Maggi Guadarrama, Alyssa Smith, and Madison Haney kicked off the first Pep Rally of the season.

All of the players gave the elementary students high fives on their way out!