The Arnett " Western Whippersnappers"

Red Ribbon Week was October 23-27. The theme this year was, “Be kind to your mind. Live drug-free.”  Each day students were encouraged to dress up for the cause.  Monday was pajama day - “Get Adequate Sleep.” Tuesday was workout day - “Exercise Regularly!” Wednesday was biker vs. surfer day - “Try a New Activity.” Thursday was salad dressing day “Eat Healthy,” and Friday was Barbie and Ken day - “Be Positive, Set Goals, Find Balance, and Believe in Yourself.” Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s largest and longest-running drug use prevention campaign.   Red Ribbon Week was started in 1980 by a handful of concerned and determined parents who were convinced they should begin to play a leadership role in drug prevention.  The Arnett Beta Club organizes Red Ribbon Week for Arnett Public Schools.

Ms. Lander’s sixth-grade class is preparing to sell coffee again. Last year, Ms. Landers had her math class set up a business model and execute it.  This year, the tradition will continue. Students will learn how to get investors, compare prices, set prices, advertise, and run their coffee shop out of the classroom. This week the class visited the R&R grocery store to look at and compare prices. 

Last week, Brianna Marenco and Talara Brown were selected to the 2023 All-Region 3 Fast-Pitch Softball Team.  

The Arnett "Western Whippersnappers" took home first place in the seventh-grade division at Copreneur Day on October 25, 2003.  The team of four students, Josh Campbell, Lola Coleman, Lauryn Bayless, and one other student spent the day in Oklahoma City at this amazing event hosted by the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives.  They watched presentations about co-ops and entrepreneurship and were then given a need that a co-op could fill.  They had to develop a co-op business plan to solve and present that plan to a panel of judges.  These students did an outstanding job and their math teacher, Ms. Landers, could not have been more proud of their hard work and their excellent representation of our town and school.

Sabe Williams, Jozie Latta, Derick Girton, and Noah Holman check prices at the local grocery store.

Alex Strick and Leilani Daniels check the prices of coffee creamer.

Josh Campbell, Lola Coleman, Lauryn Bayless, and Student with their awards at Co-opreneur Day. 

Brianna Marenco and Talara Brown

 Cannon Hardin, Sean Sanchez, and Brayden Miller show off their pajamas.

Wesley Wheeler pumps some iron on workout day.

Leddy Johnson, James Boyd, Nikki Clark, Ryder Williams, and Kenna Haney show off their workout gear. 

Mrs. Ham, Sabe Williams, Alex Strick, and Jozie Latta dressed as bikers and surfers.

Beau Bryant wearing his beach attire for Surfer Day. 

Alex Strick as “Ranch Dressing”

Ryder Williams and Jena Burcham as “French Dressing” 

Cadie McCracken, Alli Tune, and Landree Parsons as “Blue Cheese Dressing” 


Landree Parsons as Barbie

Lucas Coykendall wearing pink for Barbie Day.