tournament champs

The Arnett softball teams have been busy this week. Tuesday, Sept. 5th the girls battled the Leedey Lady Bison. The JH was down, but battled back in the final inning to end the game with a tie. The HS girls came out with a win 5-4.  Thursday, Sept. 7th kicked off the Northwest Shootout Tournament. The girls took on Cherokee first and won 19-0. After, they played Fairview and came out on top 10-0. Friday they picked up where they left off and beat Watonga 9-0. Saturday they finished out the tournament with two strong wins. They first beat Crescent 14-2, and then defeated Woodward for the Championship title 11-3. 

Our boys baseball teams traveled to Fargo Tuesday, Sept. 5 to play Fargo-Ft. Supply. Our JH and HS boys both came up short. This weekend the HS traveled to Sentinel to play in the Sentinel tournament. Our boys played Thursday, Sept. 7 vs. Fletcher in the first round. They fell short and ended up coming back for round two on Friday. Friday they battled Verden and lost also. 

Mrs. Ham’s 4th grade science class has been working hard learning about different energy types and how energy can be transferred or transformed. They were able to use what they learned and create their own circuit to light a bulb.

Mrs. Ham’s 5th grade science has really been enjoying their first chapters in science. They have been learning all about properties and testing them out. After testing properties and learning about the different types of matter, they made oobleck (or should I say giant mess) and observed its properties. 

In Mrs. Ham’s 6th grade science, we have been studying living organisms and how they are classified. They have really enjoyed getting to use the microscopes. This past week, the 6th graders chose different surfaces to swab and observe what bacteria grew from their locations. They were pretty grossed out and intrigued at the same time. 

Mrs. Burcham's 7th & 8th grade reading classes are reading the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. In this book, a young boy from Germany meets another boy his own age from Poland. The boys form an unexpected friendship as they are on separate sides of the fence surrounding the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The reading classes went to the baseball field and sat on opposite sides of the fence themselves as they read a very pivotal chapter in the novel.

The A-Town TV group is sponsoring the Arnett Ranch Rodeo 5k this year. Students are free to participate in the run,  but anyone 18 & up will be $10. Come out and support our students Saturday, September 30th! Registration will begin at 6:30am. The race will kick off at 7. 

Upcoming events:

Monday, Sept. 11 - JH & HS baseball vs. Hammon - LAST HOME GAME

JH & HS softball vs. Vici 

Tuesday, Sept. 12 - JH baseball @ Vici

JH & HS softball @ Fargo

Sept. 13-24 - STATE FAIR

Thursday, Sept. 14 - HS baseball tournament @ Hammon

HS softball festival @ Dale

JH softball vs. Canadian

Sunday, Sept. 17 - Ellis County Fair Horse Show @ 1:00

Monday, Sept. 18 - HS baseball @ Cheyenne

HS softball @ Mooreland

Tuesday, Sept. 19 JH & HS softball @ Cheyenne

Jozie Latta adding her bacteria swap to our Petri dish to observe what grows.

Brooklynn Daughenbaugh enjoying observing the properties of oobleck during lab. 

Ryder Williams completed his circuit to successfully power his light bulb. 

Mrs. Burcham's 7th & 8th grade reading classes reading a very pivotal chapter in their novel while acting like the characters in their book.