Arnett Wildcat athletes have stayed active throughout the summer with basketball team camps, baseball games, cheer clinic, and Summer Pride. Coaches and students are dedicated to being their best selves in their given sport, but also to building relationships and teamwork.

The girl’s and boy’s basketball teams have been busy this summer traveling to team camps. The girls participated in the Seiling and Elk City camps with Coach Tune and Coach Royal while the boys have gone to Mooreland, Yukon, Leedey, and Buffalo with Coach Kibbe and Coach Royal. The Arnett Junior High Baseball team has stayed active this summer as well by playing several games earlier this summer with Coach Burcham. Cheer Coach, Emily Royal, hosted a cheer clinic for incoming 7-12 grade students on Monday, June 19th. The day focused on learning proper motions, techniques for cheer jumps, core strengthening work, stretches to improve jumps & new crowd chants.

To stay prepared and conditioned for the upcoming sports’ seasons, Arnett coaches offer “Summer Pride” four days a week for incoming 7th-12th grade athletes. There are a few younger students who come in and get to work, too. That’s exactly what Summer Pride is about, work. Athletes are told that they only get what they put in. Summer Pride focuses on strength and conditioning, but it’s also a good social aspect for some of our kids as well. Every morning starts with ladders and dot drills, followed by 10 minutes of stretching. If that day includes agility, student athletes immediately complete that in the gym or outside. Next, is the weight room. Each week the reps change and the different weight and free weight exercises are laid out for the kids by Coach Royal. Students also run a mile at the end of the workout on days they don’t do agility. A big win for the coaches this year is that attendance has been up for both boys and girls and the morale has been fantastic. Summer Pride has averaged a total of 20-30 athletes each day.

Coach Royal and Coach Burcham cooked breakfast for the athletes one morning after workouts to reward the students for their dedication and hard work this summer. Our coaches and athletes show a high level of commitment to constant improvement and being their best. 


Merced Sanchez is doing curls during the weightlifting portion of Summer Pride. 


An incoming 7th grader completes reps of the dumbbell bench press. 


Lauryn Bayless does pull-ups with rings. 


The girls complete their agility exercises. 


Landry Bayless helps herself to breakfast casserole after Summer Pride. 


Sean Sanchez gets a helping of biscuits and gravy. 


Coach Tune serves Ryan Elder and Nicolas Sant’Anna orange juice. 


Coach Burcham, Coach Royal, and Coach Shoaf help themselves to some breakfast after the players made their way through.