1st Place Character Performance

Arnett Jr. & Sr. Betas have worked hard amongst all their other activities for the past two months getting ready for the State Beta Convention. On March 6th & 7th in Norman, these members showed off not only their intellect but their talents as well. They placed in 53 out of 97 events, performed a campaign skit and won a state office.

Jr. Beta members John Campbell on the trombone, Eli Coykendall on the keyboards and Nicolas Sant'Anna on the drums received first place for their performance of “Sweet Caroline” at the State Beta Convention.

A masked Anna Sant’Anna chops octopus tentacles while Aly Friesen and Ashton Suthers Pilot the submarine in the Sr. Beta’s first place winning Living Lit. interpretation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Fifteen Sr. Beta’s attended the State Beta Convention and received plaques in 27 competitions. Pictured from L to R are Ashton Suthers, Landree Parsons, Breclyn Suthers, Sara Wayland, Emma Knowles, Brianna Marenco and Jenna Thomas in the front row and Canon Hardin, Dakota Rumley, Anna Sant’Anna, Aly Friesen, Landry Bayless, Talara Brown, Alyssa Smith and Baxter Brown in the back row.

The Arnett Jr. Betas were very successful at the State Beta Convention in Norman. They competed in 40 competitions and received 26 plaques. Pictured showing off their academic achievements from L to R are Bayne Strick, Eli Coykendall, Jasmine Smith, Lincoln Coleman, Lola Coleman, Hadley Brooks, Bristen Robertson and John Campbell.


Brooklyn Vincent was named the 2023-2024 OK Jr. Beta State Secretary, and Mrs. Burcham was installed as the 2023-2025 OK Jr. Beta State Sponsor.

The Arnett High School Library was full of activity this last week as student learning of multiple subjects was moved out of the classroom. The 3rd grade class celebrated finishing Roald Dahl’s Matilda with an interactive breakout complete with chocolate cake upon their success. The 4th grade put on crowns and assumed the roles of Lords and Ladies to complete a Parts of Speech breakout. The 5th graders were recruited in a breakout to the Sons of Liberty to protest the King’s unfair taxation without representation. Sequoyah Book voting was also set up complete with voting booths, ballots and stickers.

The Arnett Softball season started off in full swing on Tuesday with wins for both the JH and HS at home against Buffalo. The JH boys baseball team toppled Sweetwater 9-4 before the HS game was called early due to weather with the Wildcats up 9-1. Thursday the Lady Cats traveled to Ft. Cobb for the High School Softball Bash. They played 6 games within a span of 12 hours, winning against Lookeba-Sickles, Canute, and Cyril twice before bringing home the runner up trophy after two losses to 3A Boone-Apache.

The Arnett Wildcat HS Softball team pictured from L to R are Breclyn Suthers, Ashton Suthers, Sara Wayland, Emma Knowles and Jenna Thomas in the front row and Coach Dauphin, Brianna Burton, Landree Parsons, MaKale Hamil, Aly Friesen, Landry Bayless, Anna Sant’Anna, Talara Brown, Almudena Fuentes, Brianna Marenco, and Coach Royal in the back.

Upcoming Events

Mar 7-17 FFA OK Youth Expo

Mar 13-14 HS Softball Hobart Festival

Mar 13-17 Spring Break

Mar 20 HS Softball vs Mooreland & Turpin

Mar 20 JH Baseball @ Leedey

Mar 21 JH & HS Baseball vs Fargo

Mar 22 FFA Labor Auction (tentative)

Mar 23 FFA Speech jackpot @ Laverne

Mar 23 SWOSU Interscholastic Meet (SWIM)

Mar 23 HS Baseball @ Hammon

Mar 23-24 JH Baseball Shattuck Tournament

Mar 23 Board Meeting